Animal Encounters II (9) - Hope

Gabi, Cassila and Caro visit an animal rescuer named Mike, listening to the stories of abused monkeys, too damaged to return to their natural habitat. They then get a lesson in hope from an orphaned sloth and an injured hawk.


Animal Encounters II (1) - Reunion and Volcano

Gabi and Cassila arrive in Costa Rica for another adventure together. While waiting for their friend Kezia, they receive some bad news.

Animal Encounters II (2) - Waterfalls and Butterflies

Our three adventurers explore the mouth of a roaring waterfall before getting unbelievably close to wizzing hummingbirds and breathtaking butterflies.

Animal Encounters II (3) - Toucans and Frogs

Cassila checks a major goal off her bucket list, as the girls enter the quirky and messy world of toucans.

Animal Encounters II (4) - ZooAve Animal Rescue

Most of the creatures at the ZooAve Animal Rescue are closed to visitors. But when Gabi, Cassila and Caro go behind the scenes, they discover ...

Animal Encounters II (5) - The Land of Strays

Our three adventurers explore how an animal shelter housing hundreds of abandoned stray dogs is a little bit like heaven.

Animal Encounters II (6) - Kids Saving the Rainforest

The girls learn how a mother and daughter searching for a better life founded an effort responsible for helping a highly endangered monkey species.

Animal Encounters II (7) - Through the Clouds

Our three adventurers look at life from a different perspective while taking a unique hike 50 meters above the ground.

Animal Encounters II (8) - Dream Come True

Our three adventurers are in for a shock as they visit a macaw sanctuary with some very strict rules.