Mission Spotlight (2) - Miburo’s Journey of Hope

Miburo Balthazar had no idea that his life was about to change when he received an invitation to watch the Hope for Africa series, sponsored by Hope Channel.

Recently, Hope Channel sponsored this evangelistic event in Kenya. Hundreds of thousands of people experienced life transformation and were baptized through the powerful Word of God presented at about 10,000 locations throughout East Central Africa, broadcast on Hope Channel platforms, and shared online.


Mission Spotlight (13) - Dr. Veggie

Knarik regularly greeted her neighbor Anahit in the mornings on her way to work. They would often stop to talk, and their friendship grew. One day, she told her neighbor that a new cafe was opening. It was a healthy, vegan cafe called Dr. Veggie.

Mission Spotlight (12) - Caring for Ukraine’s Refugees

The country of Georgia is home to some four million people. Out of these millions, Pastor Grigol is one of only two Georgian Seventh-day Adventist pastors.

Mission Spotlight (11) - When the World Hit Pause

My name is Nicole. I am born and raised in Dover, Delaware. During the pandemic, I just felt like something was missing. And I think it was just the world pressed pause for me and having the time to reflect and to sit still.

Mission Spotlight (10) - Give Jesus Your Heart

Music video by Valda Sarah Pool.

Mission Spotlight (9) - The Tour de Shetlands

We've come to the Shetland Islands. The reason being, there's 23,000 people here, and not a single Adventist. We want to reach them with the gospel, and we'd love to see them ready for Jesus to return.

Mission Spotlight (8) - Two Ears to Hear

How many ears do you have? Two! How many ears do you need? That’s a trickier question. Of course, a boy or girl can hear with only one ear.

Mission Spotlight (7) - Why the Kids Stayed in Church

For more than 110 years the 13th Sabbath Offering has empowered the Seventh-day Adventist Church to launch mission boats, fly mission planes, heal the sick, educate young people, reach the unreached, and change lives.

Mission Spotlight (6) - The Most Wanted Man in the Village

Global Mission pioneers are frontline missionaries who move into communities, build relationships, meet needs, and disciple new believers. They share the good news of Jesus through wholistic ministry.